Management Consulting

A2O is a global management consulting firm and a leading advisor on business strategy and new business development in the global market. We partner with selective clients from the private, public, and social sectors in all regions to identify their highest-value business opportunities (from Acorns), and support their successful execution (to Oaks).

Business Consulting

  • To support finding out Newly Growing Business Opportunities objectively with A2O’s Business Expertise and Global Network.

<-- Key Item: “Seriousness”

  • To support defining New Business Development Projects based upon Strategies (Hypothesis).

<-- Key Item: “Necessary Conditions”

  • To support realizing them to fully utilize Business Assets both Inside and Outside.

<-- Key Item: “Open Innovation”, "M&A"










・新規事業開発(及びその仕組作り、含む "攻めのガバナンス"強化)の具体的支援